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Georgia, USA Flow beekeepers


I recently saw a booth at a food festival with bee keepers and I wondered if there is a group who uses the Flow?


I am just across the line in Chattanooga. Does that count?:wink:


Nope! I found out that a group is meeting in Atlanta next month on the 3rd Thursday at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Go to FAcebook and print out the page to get in free to the meeting. The society is using the Flow for a while to check on it, and then one person also has bought one and is using it.

I am thinking of having a Flow. My Dad was a bee keeper.


I am in Blue Ridge, Ga and have a flow hive Almost ready to harvest.


I was told that it is still work and risk. There is a group trying it out in Atlanta to see how it compares. Bee keepers say that bee keeping is quite different from 11 years ago. That sounds interesting to me.


@Charfair I am not sure how beekeeping would be any different now than it has been for decades, but I WILL say that using the Flow system doesn’t change anything as far as keeping, caring for and inspecting your hive(s). It DOES (radically) change harvesting making it much easier on you and happier for the bees! I encourage you to come join us in this endeavor, but only if you recognize the work involved.


It is still work and risk.
The only thing different about beekeeping between now and 11 years ago is that a beekeeper is now much more prone to losing their bees to pests, parasites, and pesticide.


Hi Charfair,

Yes ! Beekeeping has really changed. I’m returning to beekeeping after being away from this hobby for over 55 years now. Last winter I prepared n assembled several hive setups. I also took several beekeeping classes n have studied n read a lot about the problems n risks. That aside … I started with 3 five frame Nuc’s the 15th of April. All are doing well n are growing n doing nicely. Did loss a swarm but that is life in beekeeping. But I also did capture a healthy Swarm too … So I’m even thus far n relearning n moving ahead.

Yes again… There will be many challenges n risky hurdles n days your wondering “WHY” even at near 71 years here but I love beekeeping ! Good luck n GO for it with a positive attitude.

Blessings n take care from Washington state,



How did the Atlanta group do with the flow hive?