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New comer to flow hive


Hi every one my Name is Jerri I live in Northeast Tennessee in the mountains and I purchased the flow hive. This is my first time trying to become a bee keeper so I’m so glad this forum is here. I will have plenty of question threw this adventure. I have been reading all kinds of books to prepare but I know experience is the key and a lot of you have that, I will be looking forward to talking to many of you in the future. I use honey for everything so I have thought this over for a long time and decided to give bee keeping a try. Wish me luck.


I’m new to beekeeping as well. I live in the Atlanta, GA area. I guess we can figure this out together.


I am new as well! Just got my 2 a month ago. My flo hive set won’t come until September…but that’s just fine with me. I wasn’t really thinking I would use it until next season anyway. We live in Central Illinois and things are just starting to bloom here.


Glad to see some other US folks on here. I am in Raleigh, NC and also new to beekeeping. I’m reading and hooking up with the local beekeeping group. Am excited to start next spring. I ordered a flow set of flow frames but am thinking of starting with 2 hives and using half in each. I don’t expect to harvest any/much the first year so now I’m kicking myself for not starting this year…


I can’t wait to get my Hive in December. I live in Southern California and have always had tons of bees around my home because I have many flowers in my garden. My neighbor behind me had an unwanted hive in her garage and she had them all removed :frowning: I’m hoping to make a happy home for my buzy friends.


Reno, NV here. Brand new and hoping to learn a lot from this forum.


Wendy here in Hawaii. I have no experience with bees. Childhood dream. So my gazebo behind my house has a huge hive up in the enclosed roof. I was researching moving the bees to a new hive. And then the Flow Hive came to my attention and I am hoping it will work. I am ordering a regular hive for now, as I won’t get my two hives I ordered until Feb 2016… That seems like enough time to learn more.

I am reading “The beekeepers Handbook” right now. Hawaii has the same problems as the rest of the world, bees aren’t doing so well here. When I first discovered the huge hive I contaced some people. What an experience, people wanted to rip out my gazebo roof and kill all the bees. I remember when I was a kid in Ohio, you would call the beekeeper to remove them. And there was no killing! So I decided to wait, no hurry, the bees aren’t bothering anyone.

Aloha! looking forward to learning more from experienced folks!


Ron here, south of Atlanta. Been looking into to beekeeping for several years since I was diagnosed with diabetes and we only use honey for sweetening food and drinks. Currently I buy honey from a farm about 1 mile away and they have been educating me on beekeeping. When I saw the Flow Hive on the interweb, I jumped on the opportunity to start my own hive. We are on a farm and have plenty of room and flowers for the bees to enjoy. Funny that we are going to start our own hive, we are now seeing Queen honey bees flying around the property and we are hopeful that next year a Queen will take habitat in our new Flow Hive. My understanding is that it is best to have a local Queen in your hive rather than buying a Queen from far away.
Nice to see so many other new folks to beekeeping! Before we bought our farm, we lived in the city and bees always bothered me, now I actually try to look at them and see what they are doing. All the best to everyone and I will keep watching this forum for advice in our new beekeeping venture.


Hi, I’m Jeff from Wyoming. We have been beekeeping for a couple of years with some success and some failure so still learning lots. We’re anxious to add the flow to our hives and try stressing our bees less.


Hello, this is Brenda from SE Texas. I am totally new to beekeeping although at times we have had bee trees on our property - it is mostly woods. I will get my Flow Hive in November so will begin in the spring. Right now I am busy gardening and painting the porch so learning how to bee keep will be a project for the late Summer.


South of you in Macon, GA; let’s coordinate.


Roger from East Texas and I plan to let the local bee keeping clubs I belong to a report on how my hive works out when I get it into production for the 2016 season.I will of course report on the forum as well.


Cornwall Ontario here , I hope we can learn lots from everyone in this site ! Seeing we have lots of people from all over its gonna be great reading everyone’s journey with beekeeping !


Sounds good, I have a lot to learn. I’m reading up now.


Hi All:

I have a dozen or so years as a very small-scale beekeeper and contributed to the campaign, but have not purchased a Flow hive yet. I am intrigued to learn as others experience this new technology, but will have to save to purchase one myself. I live in the Pacific Northwest a very different place to keep bees with our temperate, but wet climate. Ventilation is one of our biggest challenges here as a wet hive very quickly becomes a dead hive.


Pharmacist turned beekeeper! “Super” excited to bee here! :wink: can’t wait for my hive to arrive! May the honey begin to flow! Good luck to all!!


Hello everyone, it’s wonderful to see bee lovers from all over the world! My name is Elyane; we used to have bees (2 hives) 12 years ago, we were not bee keepers, we were bee robbers! We were really lucky however because the bees looked after themselves, they re-queened by themselves and never swarmed! We gave our hives to friends when we moved to Murwillumbah (northern NSW) 12 years ago because the whole honey harvesting was too stressful, I never thought i’d have bees again. However the honey flow hive makes it possible. I am really looking forward to getting my hive in December and this time we will be bee keepers and not just robbers! We have already picked the spot for our hive. Very excited!


Oregon resident here! I’ve been thinking about beekeeping for a couple of years but the flow hive made my decision for me! Can’t wait for it to arrive in Dec!


New and curious.

I have a garden in the south of Sweden with honey-roses in June and close to fields and nature. I would like to a) help the bees existence b) get nice honey without being stung.

Firstly it would be nice to know if anyone would warn to get bees for any reason. What are the worse and least desired things that can happen?

Secondly: What do you do with the bees in wintertime in Sweden (on single occasions it can down to perhaps as much as 20 Celsius minus even in the south of Sweden)?

Thank you!

Charlotte, 46 from Scania, Sweden


Hi I’m Natasja from the Netherlands and I am a beekeeper(and beekeeping teacher). I am a member of a group in my local beekeeping association, which is the so called ‘study group’. Next year we will try out the 3 flow frames we have invested in and hopefully will arrive in september. We first need to adapt a hive,the hives we work with have different dimensions and also our climate and honey flows are different from Australia so it’s an interesting experiment. I 'm very excited to give it a try.