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Hi guys, I am new to the group and about to buy my first flow hive. I have noticed on other posts there are quite a few people who live near me who also own flow hives. I’m thinking i should join a club and would like to join one that concentrates on flow hives. Is there one on the Mornington Peninsula? I see there is the SSBK in Frankston but there site looks to be the more traditional beekeeping than flow hives. So is there one down here, I live in Merricks.



Hi Mark, hopefully some beekeepers local to you will answer, but in case not, here are some thoughts.

Keeping bees in a Flow hive is really the same as keeping them in a standard 8-frame Langstroth hive. If you can’t find a Flow club, just join a regular bee club, but don’t mention the Flow part. Just tell them you have an 8-frame Lang, which is what the Flow hive really is. It is only the extraction process which is different, and that is so easy, we can help you with it here. :blush:

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Hi thanks Dawn, is it really discouraged the use of a flow hive? Do normal keepers think it is a breaking of tradition or something? I would have thought if it was less disruptive to the bees it would be a good thing.

Hi Mark, like people, beekeepers vary a lot. A minority are open-minded. A significant majority are suspicious of anything new, especially if it puts plastic inside the hive. Even if that plastic is food grade and used for baby milk feeding bottles. My bee club in the USA is generally supportive of Flow hives for established beekeepers, but suspicious of new beekeepers who have one. They label those people as “lazy and just wanting honey on tap”, i.e. not interested in bees. Of course that is vastly unfair, but I just wanted to protect you from that kind of opinion.

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Thanks Dawn, I’m in it more for the bees than the honey. I want them for my garden and i have always marveled at watching them, i find them fascinating I think the honey side of it is an added bonus. The world needs more bees and if my garden prospers, I add to the population of bees, and i enjoy the fruits of their work, then i think its a win win situation. Its sad that some can be so close minded about the flow hive.


That is why you are here, asking questions. :wink:

To back up your thoughts, we have an avocado and several citrus trees close to our hives. Since we started keeping bees, I would say our crop has increased by 200 to 400% on those trees. Our neighbours are also noticing bumper crops of veggies in their gardens too. I credit our bees for all of it. :blush:


You probably should talk to some experienced beekeepers to find out what their concerns are before making your purchase. You never know, they might make some sense. You need to look at both sides of the argument as part of your research.

It’s been 2 & a 1/2 years now. I think a lot of the earlier nay sayers have quietened down considerably. It’s basically the current performance of the flow hives speaking for themselves.

Do the research, it’s your hard earned money.

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I am booking into a course in October, so will have a chance to meet some likeminded people and pick there brains. I do like the idea of not having to decap and spin the honey plus the mess. I just wish i could meet someone close to me with one. I have noticed an old post with 2 people having one and only living a couple of Km away from me. I might see if i can message them.


Have you seen our Bee Club Directory? Looks like there are few clubs around you that are open to Flow Hives :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

Search below for Clubs & Associations near you that may have a demonstration Flow Hive or Flow Super.

bee club directory

Hi Mark,
My name is Costas and I moved to Rye on the Peninsula 6 months ago. I have just set up my flowhive 3 days ago after catching a swarm. Everything is looking great and I am very excited. I am a beginner as well and like to learn more about all things “Bees”. How are you doing with yours?

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