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Get the Right Refractometer

I made the mistake of getting a refractometer without the proper research.
Thus I have a wrongly scaled refractometer and wondered why I could not get a reading. Most refractometers go from Zero Brix to 30 Brix (Fruit juices are around 15-24 Brix) where as honey is in the 70-85 Brix region.

Had I thought about it a little and not raced off and bought , I would not be writing this thread. Pretty obvious isn’t it… honey more dense, refracts light more than water or juice.

Anyway buy a refractometer scaled in the 50-85 Brix (or there abouts) and they will usually have a % water scale. Some are touted as Honey Refractometers

Oh @busso. Sell it on eBay. I wasn’t entirely sure and ordered 2 refractometers, and they are both the right ones. Just didn’t come with the calibration oil, but I always have cold pressed olive oil in the house.
Both show the same results and look sort of similar.
Anyway, I have a spare one if any locals are interested (Byron region Australia).
A$40. Works real well, and is all you need to ensure your honey is lasting without refrigeration.


Not like you to jump into things mr ‘I’ve been naughty again and prematurely extracted’ busso!
Oh how’s that frame turner going?
Did you make your width wise frames and box by the way?

Ask my Wife. I came to the conclusion when I wore a younger mans clothes, that to get things done you have got jump in hard and get to a point of "there is no turning back from here…so just get on with it."
Made me prone to some mistakes, but you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially now when I can play the old “must have been a seniors moment” card.:innocent:

Abandoned the frame turner in favour of smaller frames. Made three versions and I was never quite happy any of them.


Anyway, why aren’t you working ? Frittering away your time on the internet. Must be on hols eh. :wink:

I decided that it wouldn’t be a good look at work with one eye closed and one half closed due to a bee sting on the forehead.
And when the standard “Crikey what did the other bloke look like” line was thrown at me my reply “it wasn’t a bloke, it was a girl and she’s dead now.” May not go down too well… :wink:

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