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Refractometer Canada


Hi there, has anyone in Canada found a good source for a refractometer? The ones at BeeMaid are super expensive, and the ones on Amazon.ca don’t seem to list honey as a use? Can I use any refractometer? There’s one listed on a bunch of posts in the forum but it’s from Amazon.com and doesn’t ship here.


Refractometers are precision instruments and for that reason are expensive. Fruit growers (especially in grapes and kiwi fruit) use them so there is a source there.
Anyone can use them, they are simple and easy to use, but they are only as good as the user.

You have to ensure the glass plate is thoroughly cleaned before each use so the result is not contaminated. I always used distilled water and a lint free cloth.



this is where I got mine


Wow. I paid AU$156 for mine about 20 years ago. Made in USA.

Seems most things made in China now. AU$20 hard to get my head around that.


yes, I paid $25 US for mine. I did have to calibrated, using extra-virgin olive oil as instructed. I could’ve gotten one that cost $45 that the seller says they calibrate all their refractometer’s before they go out the door.

I figured I needed to learn anyway.



another link here to another chat. also how to use and Calibrate your refractometer


Cheap as chips Chinese off eBay. £15 Comes calibrated. Works well. Take a reading on a sample of olive oil note the reading and save a sample of the oil