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Getting a little tall with one


There’s one overwintered colony on this stand. Probably not hard to guess which one.

The colony on the left was a 5-frame nuc I got on March 19th.


Errrmm fourth from the left? :smile:

Just kidding, I have a 4+ box tower on my overwintered bees too. :smile:



Your sure being a tease in your second Youth ! Nice to have some humor among the stats n data ! Enjoy the last of the weekend.

Yesterday I did my first of the season inspection of my two week old installed hives. Wow ! With the current nectar flow n maybe luck all four of my new hives needed honey super. Since most of the frames they were introduced to were drawn the Queens got with it n the colonies EXPLODED :exclamation:️Here’s a couple pix’s.

Dispite our very crappie wet cool Spring our bees n colonies reign n might just be awesome again this 2017 season. Crossing my fingers.

Now I must close. Trucks all loaded up n heading out to assist my mentor on another field apiary Beekeeping class. I get a lot of learning just being the class assistant.

Chao my friend, :honeybee:


I found that this year too, Jerry. The nuclei that I was able to give drawn comb to really exploded in both numbers and stores within just a couple of weeks. Once they hit undrawn foundation frames, it was a real speed bump, but they are getting there. Drawn comb is like solid gold to the bees - really helps them.


Hmm maybe I should put bricks on my roof. Is that for wind or critters?


Chao Neu,

Rocks n bricks are for weighing down the hive roofs. We’ve had several strong storms this winter. One time was about 50 mph or more. We had a lot of broken limbs n power outages but all my hive roofs stayed on n okay. !

The commericial Beekeeper I work with uses heavy bricks on all his hives during the windy winter season. One of his apiaries gets near near low huricane speed thru the mountains n past his Beeyard. Not had to chase roofs yet.

Here’s that Beeyard that we were having classes at this Spring n Summer.