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Glass Shelf Cedar has in the videos


I want that glass shelf Cedar has for the collection jar. My flow boxes are at different heights since they are on existing hives (all 8 frame mediums, strong hives are taller due to extra brood box and I am experimenting with flow box above a full honey super or below a full honey super. The full super will be the winter honey since I plan to pull the flowhive box off for winter storage). I want a shelf with bracket arms to go under the flowhive box! Maybe a fold down shelf. I am no inventor or engineer but it seems a hivebox sized open frame that sits between 2 boxes as the anchor, positioned below the flow frame box with a fold down/ or fold up shelf. Then its just the right height for my jar on each of my 4 hives. I would buy this as a neat and pretty accessory! When harvesting, I have an old table and am having to raise it on blocks, lower it, level it. Its annoying! The first time I harvested, that was the biggest hassel of all - How to get the jar the right height! Help you Engineers out there! Sell it on Ebay and I’ll be your first customer!


I’d want something like that too!


Hmmm, since I just activated my double deep Flow-hive … Ive got another year until I sweat the “Big Stuff” ! Our local hardware carries up to one gallon mason jars. Didn’t know that until saw them on the canning area selves.

. My top Flow-super is empty, reversed n blocked off presently. But looks nice. I operated my Flow-frames then put them back in there shipping crates. Season 2017 they will be ready to GO !

Ta ta,


Count me in! When I saw that shelf, I kept thinking “Do they sell the shelf, too?” That would be a huge help.


The shelf is pretty cool, but the folding shelf idea is even better. Lets see if someone here can come up with an idea using easy to buy bits from a hardware store or online. What about the idea of using the Flow cover on some brackets or a type of locking hinge?


The reason I want it to be folding is that I don’t want to tear my bee suit on brackets sticking out when I am just generally working the hives (I have to check the brood boxes from time to time).


Here is a couple of ideas …



So those would have to be mounted on the box below the flowbox. Mmmm…… I still want to anchor it between the boxes so that my stack remains interchangeable in boxes (reversing brood chambers as the queen moves up) and changing flow hive box position in the stack) I want a lot, I see.


It sounds like you want to cantilever the shelf, success of which would depend upon weight of boxes above…


Yes the flowhive itself is what is above. And a full jar will weigh up to 12 lbs


I Like this Idea From the latest “pyramid the Jars Video” on the new campaign.
It Looks as simple as a slightly raised screw head and a keyhole slot on the bracket.
it appears to be the flow frame cover sitting on the brackets.


Yes Yes Yes! that looks like the answer! I don’t know why the backets don’t twist, but I guess the weight and level orientation of the wooden cover/shelf holds them straight. Easy and quick when ready to harvest.


He is so damn clever… Just trying to figure the attachment of the door to the brackets for the shelf brace… I guess You could screw them on and off… I’d like to figure out a more elegant solution to that issue. Otherwise it is brilliant.


Here are my photos of the slightly raised rounded head screw used to anchor some brackets bought at the Home Depot for a few dollars each. It is spring here on the Texas Gulf Coast and I reversed my brood boxes, inserted these boxes with the 2 screws (1.25 inches long, #8 screw heads that came with the bracket) and put on the flowboxes that I had stored over the winter. SO EASY and perfect height for my 1 gal jar mouth to sit just over an inch under the honey spout. The bracket slips over the screw on harvest day, use the cover for the shelf, but only the slightly raised screw is present full time.


The shelf Cedar and Stu use appears to be parts simply bought from Bunnings. The brackets are about $5-10 and the glass shelf about $15-20. The one thing with their shelf that doesn’t match my own experience is the lack of cover over the jar. My own experience says I’d have bees in the jar trying to reclaim the honey I’m stealing…


Love this idea! Thanks everyone!!! Heading to home depot tomorrow!