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Flow hive harvest stand


Did anyone see the video and catch how Cedar made a stand to hold the jars to harvesting the flow frame?

Look at about 23 seconds to 26 seconds. So I went and found brackets at home depot. Works vary well and clean.

we can use any screw to set the height of where we want the shelf




Been thinking about that shelf too ! But you beat me to the solution. Do you have an item number on that bracket Bro ? Nice pix’s :ok_hand:. Gerald


Nice work Marty, looks perfect… :vulcan:


here it is, I took a screw out to home depot to make sure it work well. this is what I got

I will take some photos of it on my have tomorrow. The photos I took were just in my garage on the new fow frame box I just had dipped in wax



Thankz Bro ! Think I’ll cruise down n see what they have tomorrow ! :ok_hand:


oh What! … Not made in the great U.S. of A. ? :open_mouth:


Yah ! Buying at Home Depot … It’s difficult to buy American ! Unless it’s flowers !


And then you have to watch out for neonicotinoids… :fearful:


Very true n weak Agent Orange they call Roundup too !! Somehow I was lucky in Nam but many of my buddies weren’t ! If I can find American I BUY ! Just really tough.

Well … Got dishes to do unless I want to eat on paper plates n plastic for breakfast. … Maybe eggs Benedict over a toasted muffin !

Nitie nite,



Good spotting Marty!
Cheers Tim


That is a really good idea. I think I would want to put a longer screw in that spot so that you could put them on and off. Taking those screws in and out over time would weaken the box. Did you put in different screws @Martydallas?


Yes we all have our own thoughts and we need to keep them, as for mine, I was thinking the same thing and I went to Home Depot to get a bracket and longer screws. After looking at everything I elected not to, only because how easily it was to unscrew, place the bracket in place and screw the bracket back in.

I thought as long as I didn’t try to tighten it up really tight each time it would be more than adequate. Additionally looking at how deep it when in to the adjoining board, I also felt comfortable with not increasing the size.


take a look at this on my hive



I know it’s not necessary, I really like the look of the original glass shelf, Cedar and his father had. I think I’ve got one in the house I will use in the future :-), yes it’s all about look and design


I like the idea of using the window cover then you have a nice spot for it. Why would you need to take brackets on and off?


To avoid getting too many bruises on my legs when I am working behind the hive and not looking down… :blush:


I see the trailer ball hitch issue :slight_smile: Good thinking :thumbsup:


Tend to get in my way when doing a hive inspection and just something else to stick out and snag, is my only reason


Hey Marty thats so cool im going to get it done this weekend :slight_smile: