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My Harvesting Video :)


well… I finally got it pieced together using an app on my phone… :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Andrew. I have heard Ceder say if it’s too hard to open the whole frame all at once, put the key in say a quarter then half way then three quarters then all the way. Cheers Tim


yep… sounds logical…

i’ll keep that in mind, thanks


Awsome Andrew to see
You have a very nice locking mechanism between the boxes,
do you know where I can buy them? ,Do you have a link?


you can get them anywhere… all good Beehive Suppliers and even Ebay :slight_smile:



Did anyone find these clips in the states?? Really like the idea and look. Great idea Andrew!!


Try this site for the clips, I’m going to order, I haven’t done so yet!


Great video, Andrew, and your apiary is beautiful. I think I could sit there all day watching the bees and the honey flowing!



Hi Andrew,

Nice video, and congratulations on being in the minority of people who put their tubes in the right way on their first harvest :smiley:

I work for Flow™ and we would like to share your video on our Facebook page. Would that be ok with you?


Yes it was a good video with the demo on inserting the tubes, the best I have seen.


yes, that would be no worries at all…


This is so encouraging…it’s plain to see how much you enjoyed this process…


This was an awesome intro video @Andrew!
How long from when you first put the bees inside until you reached your first flow?


hi Khaled,

I was building up a new hive before xmas with two small groups of feral bees who made their own queen… and although I had a super on top the bees had not started to build in the super…

around mid January I shifted the bees into the Flowhive ( I think it was)

from there they moved straight into the Super storing flat out… it must have been perfect timing… so then I was able to harvest at the end of February…

I couldn’t be happier with the flowhive overall… a great product…


I may have missed it for a post above, how much were you able to get out of each frame or there about? Did you only harvest the 2 frames?

BTW GREAT GREAT video and thank you for sharing


Hi Andrew, some others have had a bit of leakage into the hive when draining, did you have any problems. Maybe the ones that have, may have the tube the wrong way around. Cheers Tim.


In another thread, I believe he said about 2 kg per frame, or about 4.5 lb per frame. :wink:


Nice, Thank you, What was the Flow Team saying we should be getting?


I guess it will depend on the density of the honey, but Cedar says around 3 kg per frame, which would be about 6.5 lb. I am buying 64 oz canning jars to run mine into - they should be exactly the right size.


I had a little bit of leakage but not much overall… you have to line up the little Tabs on the inserting tubes to the bottom to close the “redrain” holes into the hive…

once you pull the insert tubes back out the excess runs back into the hive for the bees… so you will always get a bit in there…

next time I plan to pull out the bottom board while draining so that if any honey runs into the box can doesn’t get stuck onto that board…

it’ll also give more fresh air into the box while draining as the wax cracks up it can make it “Humid” inside the box…