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Glue and nails for brood frames

Newbie here. When assembling my brood frames, what type of glue do you use? And what type of nails?

Hi Lisa, your kit from Flow should have come with nails for the frames and if it didn’t you should message support to get that to you. Here is a link that may help guide you: https://www.beverlybees.com/assemble-frame-beginner-beekeepers-guide/

Thank you Tim :slight_smile:

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I love this glue. Very strong and non-toxic. Doesn’t off-gas once cured (about 48 hours).

I also like to use a frame jig like this one, to get nice square corners with minimal effort. Really speeds up the build time too. You don’t need it, but it does make life easier:

If Flow can’t send you the right nails rapidly, here are the ones I use:

Thank you Dawn :slight_smile:

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