Greetings from Alpine, CA

Saying the obligatory hello to the group!

Anyone around San Diego, especially out in east county? I’d love to learn a thing or two being brand new!

I am currently awaiting a FH2+ and picked up an extra brood box for the future in the same order. Need to find a place for some bees in the coming week or two!



@Dawn_SD is in SD but I believe she is on the coast. Nevertheless, I’m sure she can give you plenty of local advice!



Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

I think that @claire_c is a further east than I am, but not as far east as you in Alpine. As @chau06 says, I am coastal - Point Loma to be precise, on the bay side.

I strongly suggest joining the SDBS. It is a large active group, with a Facebook page and monthly meetings. Some members are indeed out in East County:

Well done on the second brood box, you should have it with our climate. This may be a very good season, but the previous 2 or 3 years have been very difficult, with long nectar dearths.

Please ask as many questions as you want, read a lot and enjoy your bees! :wink:

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No advice, as I just received my new hives and will be assembling soon, but greetings from Ramona!

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I’m very new to this too. I just ordered from hope this helps!