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Greetings from Portugal

Hi there everyone,

My name is César Monteiro, and I’m living in Portugal (Santarém district, 100km from Lisbon N).

I’m one of many crowdfunding supporters and got my Flow this month after some hicups :wink: (realy not your fault).

I assembled all together and now I’m waiting until the weather gets a little bit warmer to get the only thing that is missing: the Bees. :wink:

A warm hug from Portugal to everyone!
César Monteiro

PS: This is my first post! LOL

Welcome @Cesar_Monteiro to the house of learning. At times it seems like we are all running round in circles, well usually we newbees are.

This forum is packed full of newbees like you, all keen to learn.
You will soon get the hang of trying to sort 3 or 4 conflicting answers to your questions but usually there are many solutions,usually all correct and you get to choose the solution that suits you.

Also you will get to meet to knowledgeable ones,some who make a living with bees and some are hobbyist where the bees have taken over their lives (and their families lives too) and I weight their solutions accordingly.

Again welcome

Thank you @busso. :slight_smile:

Hi there @Cowgirl,

Well, food, sun and great beaches your on the right place here in Portugal! :wink:

Can I ask where in Portugal (the city or region[north, center or south]) did you eat this great cheese? If you have more details maybe I can help you.


Come on @Cowgirl cough up. We be in the OPorto region for a week in June and love cheeses especially amazing ones.
Sorry @Cesar_Monteiro we be long way North of you.

Hi there everyone,

Just to post my first honey from Flow Hive in Portugal:

The honey color is dark ambar. Although the dark color, the sweetness and light flavor are simply awsome! It’s something that I gave to taste to some friends and they told me that it was unique. I’m a treatment-free beekeaper type. I don’t know if that has something to do with it, but still it’s simply awsome!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Cowgirl just saw this 7 was intrigued! I had the same experience both Portugal, incredible & one of their cheeses?! Can you remember the name of the one you were looking for?

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