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Hi from Flow HQ - I'm Customer Service Newbee Danika :)

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovely to meet you on here. My name’s Danika, and I’ve just had the privilege of starting to work for Flow here in Northern Rivers, NSW.

I got into beekeeping by volunteering at my local city farm about 7 years ago - my partner at the time and I had a few hives and even went on to teach some beginning beekeeping classes there together.

That was a few years ago now so I’m a bit rusty - forever a big lover of the honeybee but my beekeeping needs some brushing up on! A good place to be for that to happen.

I’ll be jumping on here to answer any questions best I can and just join in the conversational joys - if you need any specific product assistance it’s probably easiest to email us at info@honeyflow.com - otherwise I’ll be one of the people striving to both chime in helpfully here but also learn a lot from you lot of knowledgeable folk :honeybee: :love_letter:


Hey Danika,

We all love the Flow family.

Congrats on your new adventure :ok_hand:

Dean (UK)


Thanks for the warm welcome Dean :slight_smile: Lovely to meet you on here!

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