Greetings from The Bass Coast, Victoria

Hi. Have my new Flow Hive 2+ weathering in position and getting Bees soon (hopefully).

Looking ahead to next year and thinking of purchasing a Flow Hive Hybrid (3 Flow & 4 normal) so we can harvest Comb Honey as well. Has anyone tried using the Honey Comb Cartridge frames with the Hybrid? I know the frames are slightly thicker than the standard frames so not sure whether they’d fit in the Super 1 for 1.




Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Your setup is gorgeous, great job you have done there!

I haven’t heard of anyone doing that, but I would be very curious to hear whether it works out for you. If you are talking about something like the Hogg cassette system, you may have a problem, because they tend to be medium depth frames, while the Flow frames are deeps. Please let us know if you try it and tell us how it works out.

By the way, when you put bees in, you will not want the Flow super in place until they have filled out the bottom brood box. That way they have plenty of bees to heat and defend the space. Once the single box is full of bees, you can put the super back in place, with a little burr comb smeared on it (like peanut butter on toast) to give the plastic frames a homely smell. :wink:


Thanks Dawn.
A local friend of mine, also my mentor beek, uses cartdridges in his Langstroth and they are full size. Need to find a local supplier to give them a crack! I suspect, given they are slightly thicker than the standard wooden frames that I may have to limit them to only 2 frames, one either side, in the Hybrid but will have to test it out. If it’s a goer, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’ll just have to use the standard frames and cut the comb by hand. But the cartridges are so handy !!!

And thanks for the advice. Absolutely I’ll be patient and make sure the Brood Box is filled out before adding the Super. I’ve just got the Super on to weather it with the rest of the hive before the Bees arrive. I’m actually hoping to get a full box of frames as a Nucleus so will be interesting to see how that goes. Regardless, I’ll let them settle in for a few weeks before considering adding the Super.

Thanks again



We have had a couple of flow hives for many years and being the early versions the roof eventually perished. We replaced them with standard migratory roofs with a piece of vinyl sitting on top of the flow frames. You have to remove the top inner cover also. The point is you then can watch the honeycomb build in the roof and when it is getting full shake off the bees replace the roof with a spare and repeat throughout the season. The vinyl was suggested by @JeffH and it saves a lot of mess as the comb can’t attach to the frames. You also get a very good indication of the hive strength.
Good luck and love your setup.


Great-looking finish on your setup, Tam!

Comb honey is so delicious, and I think cutting it out of frames is part of the pleasure of it. Like slicing into a dense cake :yum:


very nice looking set up!

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