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GreyBlack discolouration on flow frames

Hi, my hive was great production until late last year when I had a swarm. Since then no honey, but a slow build up of the number of bees. All good. However I have noticed that my almost empty flow frames from the side view have a Grey/Black/mouldy looking substance on large patches of them. It has been a prolonged wet period here. Should I be worried?

The grey/black discoloration will appear on frames that are not covered in bees during long periods of wet weather. A good idea is to remove the honey super after a colony swarms. Then replace it as the buildup in colony numbers suggests it’s time to.

The grey/black discoloration is probably nothing to worry about. Where in the World is Myocum? It helps if we know what part of the world you live in.

Thanks for that. Myocum (I’ll have you know) is the centre of the universe. Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Thanks Davo, it wont hurt to put that in your profile. It’ll save others from googling it while they’re trying to give you advice


Indeed @Davo2, beautiful part of the world :slight_smile:

Likely the discoloration is mold with a long wet period, but beyond that not knowing where Myocom is It is just guessing.