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Discolouration of Flow Hive frame

Hi all,
Seeking confirmation from those that with more knowledge than me… :slight_smile:

I have recently had a FlowHive swarm, and was able to thankfully capture the swarm, but it left me with an empty FlowHive. I have dismantled the empty hive, and noticed the frames are discoloured. My theory and suspicion is that this is from the wet weather we have had over the last few months. Can anyone assist with an explanation and advice? THANK YOU in anticipation.

Kind regards
Kongwak, Vic

Hi and welcome, Duncan. Yes, looks like mildew from your wet weather. When did you start this colony?

Hi Duncan, ditto to what @Eva said.

Do you still have bees in your brood box? The reason I ask is because you said “it left me with an empty Flow hive”. Did you mean empty Flow super? The brood box plus the Flow super constitutes a Flow hive.

It sounds pedantic, but it helps if the correct terminology is used.

Hi Eva,

The colony is 18 months old.

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Hi Jeff,

Not pedantic at all, nomenclature matters…
The brood box is still in place and now houses a colony of ‘new’ bees. I removed the Flow super and have been cleaning etc, getting ready for re use, when I noticed the mildew.

Thanks for the advice and confirmation.


Sure thing! “New” meaning your captured swarm, right? Good snag, hope it goes well.