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Happy Valentine's Day - may Saint Valentine bring you sweet honey and protection 🐝

There’s more to Saint Valentine than Valentine’s Day, romance, and love. He’s also the patron saint of beekeepers — charged with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers.
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And St Ambrose and St Abigail.

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We went and told the colonies. They knew something and had a holiday on this blustery day.
Extracted some very red colored honey from several hives.

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lol really? :thinking:

Yes, very absolutely reverently happened.
Not sure why the honey is so red. Bloodwood?

Food colouring?

No, seems seasonal fortunately. It’s brown red. No industries or dumps around, very few bush properties.
A nice change to the predominant very light ironbark honey. :yum:

Well that is interesting and appropriate timing :slight_smile:

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