Blue light honey

Clear light blue honey in brood box and flow frames. Any ideas why?

Confectionery factory nearby.

I guess the next must be a spam post shy2

Have you fed your bees with sugar syrup mixed with blue food coloring?


Could be plants with high aluminum counts. Are you near the coast? Lots of purple and blue flowers about? (Siberian Squill aka Scilla Siberica or Wood Squill)

No colouring in sugar water. I live in a small rural town not near any factory. I have blue flowers in the garden but that’s not a dye. The flow frames are full of thin syrup like light blue honey.

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My suggestion would be to harvest the honey once it’s ready & enjoy it. Perhaps you can share a photo of the honey when that time comes.


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Yes blue and purple flowers and shrubs and trees with purple flowers. I live 10 km from coast. Thanks for your reply

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Photos coming when I get help lifting off a full very heavy 8 flow frames


We are all waiting in full suspense. :grin:

Hi, I’m just uploading the pics for mum.




I don’t know what to say. That is an awful lot of blue nectar and honey which they have been storing for quite some time.
My gut feeling is that it hasn’t come from a floral source.
What is the colony strength like?
Have numbers significantly changed (reduced) of recent times?

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I started the hive from a nuc of Italian bees in late October. The five frames were quite full of bees which I put into an 8 frame flow hive. By February there were so many bees they were bearding which indicated swarming so I added the extra box for bees to move into whilst keeping the Queen excluder in place over brood box. I have more bees moving up from brood box. It’s a very productive Queen. I am a new bee keeper. I have sent a query to flow hive but they are mystified too. It’s super sweet blue honey :joy::joy:

Your bees might have found some magic mushrooms — or discovered someone’s stash of psychedelic honey! Are they tripping out? Blue Honey: Making Psychedelic Honey With Magic Mushrooms - Zamnesia Blog

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I concur, i dont believe it to be from flowers either. I would guess there is some sort of confectionery place within 5 miles as a bee flies.

There was also an incident in France where the bees discovered a pile of discarded M&Ms at a factory and produced brown, green, and blue honey.

Yeah, i recall the mm factory :metal::rofl:
It could be something as simple as someone throwing out anything with blue icing.

I heard the same story from a beekeeper in NSW- another beekeepers bees had found a lolly factory and were able to access drums of sugar syrup or waste left exposed. he was getting huge flows but the false ‘honey’ came in many different colors.

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