Harvesting from the Flow Hive Classic, our original style hive from 2015

Winter harvest in Australia 1 Flow Frame capped and ready.

With lots of questions as always.

Where to locate your hive?
Morning sun helps keep chalk brood away.

What do you paint a classic Flow Hive with?
The araucaria is best painted with at least 2 coats of exterior house paint.

What is the best way to manage Varroa mite instead of destroying your hive?
Varroa doesn’t need eradication, monitoring and treatment is possible. In Australia it is recommended to do an alcohol wash for a mite count. Checking or a high mite load is the first step.

Did you know tropical climates can sometimes mean higher moisture levels in honey? Being hygroscopic honey even soaks in ambient moisture. If it is higher in moisture it is more likely to ferment but you can still consume it before it does so.

How does Cedar feel about knock off fake frames? Find out at the 14 minutes 20second.

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