HELLO and some important news on Varroa

Hello to everyone!! I am new to this Fórum and completely new to the Beekeeping experience. I’ve always been fascinated with Beekeeping and Bees, and on my first journey I’ve decided to lern as much as possible.
One aspect that truly worried me was the fact that pests were depleting the bee colonies around the world, so I’ve kept very much in contact with all news about this subject.
That’s why I wanted to share with you all an article that came up just minutes ago in the local newspaper: A Beekeeping Cooperative in Argentina has discovered over many years of investigation, an organic remedy to Varroa Mites.
Again since I’m not a specialist (far from it), I’m not in conditions to defend or answer too many questions about the matter so I’ll just relay some of the comments that appear in the news (Sorry the article is in Spanish):
This pesticide was developed by the joint collaboration of specialists and beekeepers of on of the largest cooperatives in Argentina. It is completely organic and does not have secondary effects on the beehives. It reduces the applications from five to only once, with a 95% positive performance rate. Laboratories have offered this community to buy the license for international commercialization but there was a unanimous decisión to avoid allowing such controls to assure that costs of the new pesticide are kept within the economy of beekeepers and producers (this by itself is, for me at least, sufficient proof that it should be effective and reasonable for any beekeeper)!!
Again, I have no ties or even relationship with the cooperative that developed this remedy, but I thought it would be important to all beekeepers who participate in this fórum!!!

Thankz for the share. Anything that might lead to better ways are welcome to be shared !


So, it has been around for at least 2 years, as that article Valli linked was published in 2014… :blush:

It has not been released yet I think it is still in trials - sounds like it comes out this year

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I’ve just looked at a video produced by the manufacturer. I have no Spanish but the label on the product is Acido Oxalico so no need to get too excited after all.


ROFL, nice job @Dee… Totally organic??? Hmmm, more like totally organic acid… :smile:

I saw that too but the delivery method is quite different.

How is it delivered?
The standard methods are trickle, mist and vaporise.
How are they doing it?

They have an “organic” cure in India too. They spray all the frames down with cow urine…


I think I’ll just keep not treating…


Strips. Look up the product and do an image search.

As I said in my first message, I am far from being a specialist to evalute the product and have no ties to these people. The article clearly indicates that it is “Organic” and leaves no residue in honey or wax. I, also am not a chemist, so I don’t know if Oxacilic Acid is or not organic, As Bobby states above, it is delivered by strips (again I’m just reading the article published today in the “Clarín” newspaper).
I believe that the milestone they are talking about it that after two years of trials, the remedy was finally accepted by the local Sanitary Administration (SENASA), therefore making it legal for use and commercialization.
I had no intention of generating controversy on the matter, just pass on the comments of the newspaper for those who know a lot more about this tan I do.

The book The Weed Forager’s Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia has an article on oxacilic acid
Quote " Oxalic acid is an organic substance (with the chemical formula H2C2O4) that occurs naturally in high levels in many common foods, including almonds, chocolate, bananas, rhubarb, parsley, tea, beer and spinach."
And"Many wild edibles are high in oxalic acid. These include amaranth, dock, fat hen, oxalis and purslane.

I know urine also has high levels of oxalic acid hence the Indian treatment

So you could say its organic if you discard the chocolate and beer, both of which I will now have to consume larger quantities to keep up my oxalic acid intake.
From the products info, it is Like Bobby_T said, it is administered by attaching strips and the key point about the product is that the strips are active for a period greater than life cycle of Varroa mites.

So maybe worth a second thought if you are badly infested.

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I knew I’d read about strips somewhere. As early as 2004 there was a discussion on beesource about Oxamite strips which must be something similar. So they’ve been around for some time. The general consensus is that an evaporator delivers the oxalic more effectively. The strips don’t seem to be able to cope with bad infestations

Be careful with that. It is one of the common causes of kidney stones, which are the only thing a man can suffer that hurts more than childbirth! :imp:


Now that’s a new process ! Pee on the bees ! :sunglasses:

Alex, all forums thrive on controversy, pretty much impossible to avoid ; -)

Organic compounds must have Carbon and Hydrogen. Lots of inorganic compounds have Carbon or Hydrogen but if they have both they are Organic.