Hello from Scotland

I’m very new to bee keeping, one month in to learning from a mentor and meeting a second mentor this month. I don’t plan on getting any bees until next spring and I will be joining my local association too. I have a bee suit and have had two hive visits so far. The flow hive looks amazing, I’m interested to learn more.

G’day, I’m an Australian beekeeper, welcome to beekeeping. It’s a fascinating hobby/occupation. Your mentors & association members will probably point you into the right direction as to which type of hive to acquire when the time comes. Anyway good luck with it all, cheers.

Hi JeffH, Thanks for he warm welcome. That’s where I’m at, looking at different hives. I quite like the idea of the top bar hives, so long as it could be well insulated for the weather here. My hubby has a bad back, so keeping this in mind for hive checks etc, as he’s going to be joining me when I get my bees. However I’m following discussions on a local forum re what the bees like and having learnt about brood boxes and supers, TBHs are different, so we’ll see. Thanks Beth

Heather Honey… Yummm ; -)

Hi @Apprenticebeekeeper, You could always do both, top bar and Flow. One of our team is working on joining the two.

Fab!!! I’ll be following his progress then, thanks!!