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Hello from Aria and John

Hello everyone! I’m Aria and I’m a newbie at this forum.
If you are interested, you may find all additional information about me in my profile :slight_smile:
My husband and I live in the UK, where we have a house with a garden and bee hives. I decided to join this community because I think I can learn more about bees here. I’m glad to be a new member :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you all here. Have a great day!


Welcome Aria. We are a pretty friendly bunch here (mostly :rofl: :upside_down_face: :wink:) and cover most of the world. Primarily we exist because we have Flow hives but always welcome any one interested bees and their welfare.

Welcome to the forum Aria and Hubby, whether you have Flow Hives or not it doesn’t really matter, bee keeping is bee keeping and the only thing different is the way you take the honey from a Flow Hive. Other than that you have honey bees in a hive the same as the rest of us.
You will have the same issues and the same pleasure from being a bee keeper, the same questions and thoughts about what to do as best for your bees.
Cheers, from Australia

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Welcome @Lornasa.

Just for clarity, your profile says you live in London. If you don’t actually live in London I’d suggest picking a town closer to you. It will help others in the UK give you better advice more specific to your local climate/area.

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Welcome!! I am new as well and this has been an awesome place to learn and ask questions.

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A very valid point Alan, how to manage bees is very much dependent on the climate where. So the more precise the location the better the advice that is given. It is hard to advise when someone says they live in Australia where we have a really big range of climatic conditions, even in each state.