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Hiya, traditional and flow hive owner here

Hi, I’m anna. Im taking over caring for my dad’s beehives. We have 4 traditional hives, and 2 flow hives.

Might ask a few questions when I’m stuck.


Hi there, welcome to the Flow forum! We have lots of friendly members, and some grumpy ones (ignore those, they aren’t common and they don’t really mean it), all of whom are only too happy to offer opinions and advice. We all love bees, no matter what kind of hives you have and what level of experience. I am happy that you joined us. :blush:

Welcome to the forum Anna. you will find heaps of reading but don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you need it. Maybe edit your profile so that we can know where in Aussie you live so that we have a better idea of your local climate.
Local climate plays a big part on how to best manage your hives. I came from the Hawkesbury area West of Sydney and had hives as far away as Mudgee where double brood boxes was normal because of the cold Winters. Now I live in a very stable sub-tropical climate in Queensland and use single brood boxes. My point is when you get advice your climate needs to be considered, but your Dad will explain all that to you.
Cheers, Peter