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Hello from Broederstroom, South Africa

Very excited to embark on this journey as a beekeeper. Received my FlowHive recently (Feb) and await Spring with anticipation.


Welcome Talana! What’s the weather like where you are now? Spring is about to be sprung here :grin::+1:

Hi Eva, it’s still very warm - average between 30-35 Degrees Celcius. Some rain to cool things off (summer rainfall area). We are heading for Autumn, with the leaves starting to turn.

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Sounds pretty! We had a lot of snow hanging around until this past week, and now crocuses, snowdrops and maples are blooming - a pollen bonanza! It’s a longer wait for you I know, but the cool thing about this forum is that we’re a global community, and when half of us are winding down, the other half is revving up. It gives us all a chance to read, observe, learn and be entertained by each other in turns. Are there any other beekeepers in your area?