Looking for other local beekeepers - New to bees

Hi. I’ve been lucky enough to get a flow hive for Christmas.
We live in Central Victoria, (Bendigo Shire) Australia, where it can get quite hot and dry in summer - up to 42 Celsius, and we get frosts in winter - so minimum temps of around -2 Celsius (but only for a few hours)
It can also get incredibly windy here.
I have been reading everything I can get my hands on, and also watching videos

I don’t have any bees yet

What I was hoping for, is to connect with someone else in this area who would be interested in being a mentor/sounding board for me.
Or any pointers on which club would be useful to join please.

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Welcome to the forum - I reclassified your post in the “connect with locals” category. Lots of folks from Victoria around, I seem to recall some recent posts from keepers in central Victoria also.

Good luck, you’ll also find a lot of helpful people around here!

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I got my hive a good few months ago.
I registered with the Dept. Primary Industries then contacted the local Apiarist Society. They gave me some names of local beekeepers who act as “bee buddies”.
My bee buddy has been enormously helpful with transferring nuc hive, hive Inspections and giving me helpful hints.
Local beekeepers will give you so much helpful info even if they do not have Flow Hives.


Thank you. I have registered with the Dept