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Hello from Canberra - Simon

Hello, I’m from canberra, i just received a Flow +2 for my birthday. I have taken part in beginners courses, now I’m keen. My hive should be here this week then off to a friends farm to build a colony. So i ready for all the pointers.
Cheers Simon


Hi Simon. I’m from Bombala. I bought myself a flow hive for Christmas last year. I hope to pick up some nucs in October, fingers crossed. I also made a warre hive. Pretty excited and impatient at the same time. Doing lots of reading up and joined a club.
Bye for now

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Hi Kristal, i a member of the ACT club i have learnt so much. Nice to meet you.

I’ve only recently signed up with the Bega club, haven’t received my first news letter yet. I bought the Australian beekeeping manual and have found it so relevant for our area. Nice to meet you too.:honeybee:

@Simon_Dent @Karby, Welcome to the forum, it is great to see some locals on here. I am from Canberra and coming into my first Spring. I have a Flow 2 hive. Nice to meet you both. Regards Karen

Good morning thank you.