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G’day,My names Andrew and I live in the sunny state of Queensland,Australia.I’m a backyard beekeeper with little experience so would like to learn and gain as much knowledge and understanding about these beautiful creatures as I can.To say I have Bee Fever would be a understatement lol.Happy Beekeeping

Hi Andrew, I am in Brisbane and am in a similar situation as you, New to beekeeping and wanting to learn as much as possible. I have one hive building up the brood box and am hoping it will be ready to add the super in another two weeks. It seems I notice or learn something new everyday about bees and I suspect that will continue for many years to come. If you are nearby I am happy to share beekeeping experiences with you. Good luck. Paul

Welcome Andrew,

This 70 year old is excited about BeeKeeping too. After a 55 year pause from this amazing hobby I’m getting back into beekeeping.

This winter I read all I could, took classes, n watched zillions of vids. Also I put my limited skills n small woodshop to the task of building n assembling equipment n new hives. Mid April sometime we are scheduled to have the delivery of my first 3 Nuc’s to occupy some of those empty :honeybee: apartments.

Good to see your interest,

Hi Andrew,

Also based in Brisbane. Got my nuc in mid December from the bee club ($50), and flow hive in early January. I put the flow hive on in Mid Feb and have already extracted one frame. Still learning a lot and highly recommend joining a bee club and attending their field days.


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