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Hello from Mississippi

Hello from south Mississippi. Just ordered a flow hive 2. Can’t wait to get begin the Bee keeping journey.



Welcome to the forum and the very, very addictive world of bee keeping. :smile: :smile:
There is heaps of reading on the forum and don’t be nervous about asking for advice, we were all beginners once.

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Welcome @foots :cherry_blossom: I bet your season is almost beginning in Miss. Yesterday I saw some maples in flower way up here in Pa. Let us know how things are going when you install your bees in your new Flow 2!


Hello from Clifton. I am also newbie. We live in the country with a large garden and over 50 fruit trees & berry plants. We’ve pre-ordered our first Flow Hive 2 - scheduled for delivery sometime in April.


Welcome to the forum Anna, you will find great folks here who are happy to pass on good advice.

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Hi there Anna and welcome to the forum :tulip:Your property sounds beautiful and I imagine many of your trees and berry canes are in flower now, or about to be? How exciting you’ll soon have your own bees!

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