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Hello from New Jersey


Hello everyone Just installed my first two packages yesterday. This is my first year of beekeeping. So much to learn. Glad to have found this forum


Welcome Maureen, first time beekeeper and already you have installed two packages, that’s impressive. We are here to help, and when I say we I mean beekeepers from your area as well as many others from all over.


Welcome! I believe that Ed @Red_Hot_Chilipepper is in your state too, but you may not see him post much as he is about to split dozens of hives. If he isn’t too far from you, you might consider watching how he does things, if he agrees.


Welcome to the forum Maureen, you are most welcome. You will find a wealth of information and advise from members and remember we all began as bee keepers once so any question you have you only need to ask or have a look and read about posts for the same issues.