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Hello from Kansas


We are brand new to beekeeping. We have a huge garden, love everything outdoors it seemed natural for us to keep bees. We’ve had swarms in our garden before and are now kicking ourselves. When I was a kid I was so scared of bees that I’d hide at lunch time. This is a big step for me! So excited!



Get that bait hive out :smile:


welcome Robbin,

This is Gerald out here on the west coast in Washington state. I also getting back into beekeeping so having to catch up on all the new stuff.

I’ve got three Nuc’s coming in to populate my new hives I built n assembled this winter. I also ordered a full setup of Cedar Hives. At 70 years the big pine boxes are weighty… I will slowly convert to narrower 8 frame but want to get this first season under my belt.

I also have a couple of five frame bait hive boxes built n ready. I’d love to catch a swarm if possible this season. “Nothing ventured nothing gained,” as my mom use to say !

Again … Welcome aboard to beekeeping, Never too old to do something new.

P.S. This is me completing 10 new deep frames in my new assemble jig this afternoon.


Hmmmm, I recognize that frame assembly jig design from somewhere!!! :smile: Nice job, Gerald!




Found it on Internet n also a video of how it worked. I’d been fighting making a couple at a time n trying to keep them
straight n square. Not a perfect one/jig cause I slightly made sides too short … So added two sets of 1/8"shims. N presto ! Good as new. Glad I have it now. I know it’s going to save me time n frustration I think. What do you do ? I did buy couple sets already made up. But wanted to do few like we did in the old days (wired wax) … Any thots on frames … Please pass along. Love reading others thots n ideas.

Nitie nite.

here’s another pix of the frames n jib.


Hi Gerald,

When I need therapy, I put the frames together freehand, using a magnetic upholstery hammer. That is slow though. When I have a larger batch to do, I use this jig from Kelley:

I use Tightbond 3 glue and a 3/8" crown pneumatic stapler with 1 1/4" staples for the end bars, or 5/8" brads for the wedges holding foundation. It has to be a big enough project to justify firing up the compressor and getting all of that stuff together in a work space though! :blush:




The frame jig seems similar n close to the same idea. Don’t have a magnetic hammer anymore. Thot I’d get my dads but one of my younger brothers were faster to dad n moms stuff. I got few things but mostly leftovers.

I have an electric ! A nuematic would be better but double the electric circuit to my small woodshop could handle the additional load. I have to ration my electricity now. I will work on running a new 30 amp soon but have to deal with CODEs n Permits. Right now I’m working off a 20 amp only. Good enough for my saws but not my compressor.

Thanks for the note ! Have a great Tuesday !