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Hello from the Barrie, Ontario Area


Hello all, this is my first time into the wonderful world of beekeeping.


Welcome! There are several Canadians on the forum and I believe several in Ontario. We also have a lot of people in the northern US, so with general beekeeping questions, there will be plenty of experience with your kind of climate. :blush:



Welcome to beekeeping n this forum. We all look forward to seeing a pix or so n bring on any questions. There’s a lot of sauvy Beeks on here … So don’t hesitate to pop a thot or question our way from time to time.

It’s learn as you go but nice to have a little help n support. If you haven’t yet found a mentor … I highly recommend doing so n finding a local bee club as well. Buy or borrow several good beekeeping books keep on keeling on bro !



Hi welcome to the forum


Hey Jeff, I am in the same boat as you. I just started and have already received great feedback from this forum. I am down in the Windsor area therefore we have pretty much the similar climate. (you may be a bit cooler but not by much)