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Introduction to the Forum


Hi from Brier, Wa! New to beekeeping and the Flow Hive.


Morning Dori,

Welcome aboard ! Your a local too. I use to get up to Brier area a lot when I worked for the old Washington Nstural Gas. I live between Renton n Issaquah. Born n raised out here.

I am guessing this is or will be your first Spring beekeeping ! You’ll love it. Do you have your hive ready n bees ordered ? Also have you found a bee club yet ! If not, I’d encourage you to try n get a good local mentor to chat n help your first year or so.

Here’s my setup:

There’s a lot of helpful n experience Beekeepers on here so stay tuned n any question remember we’ve all been at the start.

Cheers, :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Welcome! Virginia here.


Thank you! Yes the hive is ready and I pick up my nuc April 9th. I am still looking for a mentor or someone to come to my house and help me get started. Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing.


Hi @Dori,
Welcome from a land down under.
On this forum you will be able to find just about anything on bees. Just think of a question then go to the little magnifying glass thingie top right and put in your question. Or just ask it in a post.

Remember, there is no such thing as dumb question here. So don’t hold back. You will get a range of answers from the newbees to the very experience beekeepers who keep bees as a business.


Hi again Dori,

This will be my first full season using a Flow-hive. I didn’t know about Flow so it was first of July 2016 when I got a home caught feral swarm relocated n housed in my brand new Flow-hive.

I’m a returning beekeeper to this hobby. When I attended Issy Jr n Sr High school I raised honeybees for my agriculture farm project. Lots of great memories with my dad. That’s history n basic beekeeping hasn’t changed much but few uninvited critters have come ashore to give our “girls” some issues. That’s why I have attended classes on new beekeeping n work with a local beekeeper n a research program thru Green River College. I’ll be attending bee classes out in Maple Valley thus coming weekend to review stuff. The instructor is head of the GRC research program n tops !

Not sure if your interested or not. Not sure if there are still opening either but love to see you! It’s next Saturday out at Bees in the Burbs. It will be most of the day as its Beekeeping 101 n 201 both.

Got to go now,