Problem with Shipping in th USA

I have a issue with shipping. I received a partial order and notified Flow USA. i have shown them the FED EX site showing that one of the tracking numbers has never been received by FED EX, I have also sent them detailed list of what I have received with no response. Can anyone help me in resolving this issue

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! Most of the 1000s of members of this forum are beekeepers of all ranges of experience. There are a few Flow staff, but they don’t post much here.

If you send an e-mail to, with the tracking numbers, Flow staff will help you. They are usually very good at solving things, so if you don’t get a reply by the middle of next week, check your Junk or Spam filters. Some e-mail programs seem to think that Flow is a spam outfit… :wink:

Hi Joe,
As Dawn said, please email for staff assistance, if you havent already done so. However, if you want to share beekeeping experiences or ask for beekeeping advice you’ll find the forum community wonderfully helpful.
Sorry not to have seen this sooner! I trust your issue has been resolved by now, but if not, please do email us for further assistance.

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