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Help! Soaked bees


This is what I came home to today:

I’m either going to have to add another hive body (and find some frames ASAP) OR do a split. I think the girls have run out of room.

Could an experienced beek weigh in?


Was it stormy? Raining? Water on the inner cover? If so, I would go out to Lowes and get a roll of 20" aluminum flashing and put it UNDER the ridged roof, on top of the “framing”. Fold it down and staple in place on the sides. Then put the wood back on. There is so much water there, it doesn’t look like condensation. If not rain, then gardeners or sprinklers need adjusting… :wink:

The bearding doesn’t worry me, but the water does. The hive in the background looks wet too.


It’s raining. The interior of the hive is fine. These girls were outside.

I’ve got an 8-frame medium ready to go.


Outside temps? If you are mid-90s, I still wouldn’t worry. They won’t chill with 100% humidity and very warm air. Sorry, I don’t follow east coast weather - I am a left coast person :smile:

As far as more space is concerned, you will only know that by looking inside, as you know… :blush:


59 degrees F right now. Will get down to 57 tonight. Rain will stop at 3 AM-ish.
Local beek says all’s well - that they just got caught outside polishing the porch.

Looks like a full inspection tomorrow AM at any rate :slight_smile:


This is part of the usefulness of the slatted bottom board as I have understood it. It gives the bees a bit of additional space to hang out in poor weather. So that might be something to look at as well. But if you have a medium super I’m sure that will work just as well.


You running a single brood box? If so you may have to go to a double if they are building up too much. Good problem to have.



Running a double.
Both boxes are loaded.
Found 3 swarm cells (one with royal jelly) so I’m gonna do a split.

Old queen, a frame or two of capped brood and a frame of food go into a nuc tomorrow.

I’ll shake a frame or three of bees in with her. The foragers can return to the old hive and the nurse bees will stay in the nuc.

Wish I had another queen.
Hate to slow down the strong hive but it is what it is.

Wish me luck in finding the queen!


Nice problem to have. Sounds like you are having a good spring :grinning:


Can’t order a queen from a supplier? These guys have mated queens available to ship this week:

These guys have a good reputation and their Cordovan-Italian queens are very pretty:

Just a thought. :smile: