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Help with School Project on Bees


I am a student at the University of Washington, Bothell studying Interactive Media Design that is trying to learn more about how beekeepers and people feel about bees. I am working on a project and trying to figure out ways to make people more empathetic towards bees, since I feel that if people can relate to bees like dogs and cats, people will be more willing to take action in stopping their possible extinction.

I would love to get beekeeper’s opinions and feelings about how they feel about their bees. I made a survey and would greatly it if some of you would take the time to answer some of these questions. It should take less than 5-10 minutes and any responses will be greatly appreciated and your answers will only be used for academic purposes and will not be shared with any other members of the department. Thank you for participating and I really appreciate your time!


If you are not into doing surveys I posted the questions here below and you can respond if that is more convenient for you. Thank you again for taking the time to read this!

**How do you bond with your bees in a day to day basis? **

Why do you emotionally care about your bees?

Do you have any fears or concerned dealing with bees?

What are your best experience dealing with bees?


Done, just just took a couple of minutes.
Good luck with your project Rosanna…



Just finished your survey. I am beekeeper SE of Seattle in the foothills east of Renton. Thank you for your interest.

Take care,


Thanks for posting here Rosaria, it was a pleasure to compete your survey and I wish you all the best :honeybee::two_hearts:


Survey complete :+1: All the best.


Is the inference that people aren’t willing to take action in preventing the ‘possible extinction’ of bees, so need convincing by way of engagement of their nurturing instincts?

I had someone tell me last week that the climate change temperate increases were causing comb in hives to melt resulting in mass bee deaths… was news to me.

Striking fear into people may stir them to empty their wallets to provide token ‘assistance’ for a cause, but I’m not sure it materially changes the outcome.


Please let us know your findings when you complete your project. Best wishes to you with your schooling and your project.


I’ve filled out your survey, hope it helps. It would be interesting to see the end results. However I think the plight of the honeybee is a reflection of broader environmental issues, perspectives & cultural values of the environment & the way we are living. There are many species losing habitat daily, the present concern for the bee is largely driven by our dependence upon it for our own needs. The plight of the bee reflects a broader lack of concern or understanding of how all the elements of an ecology ( or our environment) are interdependent & interrelated. Genetically modified crops, hybridised garden plants with lower nectar/pollen qualities, deforestation, increasing population density,the loss of plant species globally is affecting all species, including us.
It is made all the more frustrating because we have the knowledge, have had for generations, & now the technology to communicate & implement this knowledge more widely than ever before.

The relationship we may have with our bees will never be the same as with a cat or dog, they will essentially remain ‘wild’. It is about valuing, caring about & being passionate for their intrinsic qualities.