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What do you think about pollinator conservation on social media? [Survey]

Hi all,

I’m Anabella and I’m a graduate student at Texas Tech University. I’m writing my master’s report on communicating for conservation. My research seeks to examine audience perceptions of pollinator conservation on social media. Data from the survey will help inform conservation managers, social media managers and/or citizen scientists to better communicate conservation on social media.

The 14-question survey takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete. If you’re interested in taking my survey please find it here: https://forms.gle/tDfdCxKeeqbugMRBA

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Yep done this survey on another forum, it’s US based, does it matter if other countries participate in this survey @scicomm07

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You don’t have an option on your survey to include those of us who don’t use social media. While I understand that your project is really about social media, how will you know how many people care deeply about pollinators and don’t use social media? A simple question at the beginning would be fine, or even a check box in the list of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc that just says “I don’t use any of the above social media”?

I know I may be a dinosaur, but with privacy issues these days, I don’t feel that social media has sufficient benefits for me to outweigh the risks. :blush:

Hi, @skeggley! Thank you so much for your participation in my survey, it’s greatly appreciated. It’s open to all and I welcome anyone interested in pollinators to take it if they wish.

Hi, @Dawn_SD! I appreciate your feedback and your time for taking a look at my survey. I totally understand if you’re not a user of social media. In the list of social media platforms there’s a box at the end that says “other.” I’ve had respondents fill that in with “none.” But it’s a good idea to include “none” as an option in the future. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I also already filled this when I saw it on another forum. I may be another dinosaur because not only I do not use any social media, I despise it. However I wasn’t sure when filling up the survey whether a forum such as this is considered “social media” too.

Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I’m simply not a “social media” type.

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Hi, @Honeyeater! Yes, I recall you taking my survey, thank you! :slight_smile: Everyone has been extremely helpful in answering my survey on the forums. In a way, I do believe forums are the original social media!

The things you’ve noted are important info for my study. I’ve learned that forums and listservs are well-used across the pollinator community. That’s great! To be completely honest, I’m not very fond of social media either (and I’m a millennial…). I think it can be useful in certain circumstances, like news or emergencies due to its real-time capabilities.

I really appreciate the conversation and the feedback!

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