I'm Writing A Fiction Novel About Bees

Hi guys. I kinda stumbled upon this website, so I’m giving this query of mine a shot in the dark.

I’m writing a fiction novel with sub-genres of science fiction & fantasy about a magical island that has the last of world’s endangered honeybee species on it. I’ve done a lot of research, read many books, watched several documentaries and have watched many videos online about a couple aspects of a colonies livelihood mostly pertaining to the method of care, honey extraction and the certain maladies they endure within the hive.

There are many highly technical passages I’ve written about beekeeping & I’m looking for an apiculturist to basically tell me if what I’m writing sounds relatively plausible (keep in mind this is fiction) & if the technique is accurate.

Would anyone be willing to look over passages for me & give me feedback/ or advice on a few different questions I have?

I would be endlessly grateful for your help.
Thanks so much!


Hi Violet,

Depending on your timeline, I would be happy to help. I have around 30+ years of backyard (non-commercial) beekeeping experience, but I also regularly interact with commercial beekeepers. I would be happy to help within the area of what I know from direct interaction, and I may be able to refer you for other opinions.

My only caveat is that I have a full time job, so I cannot reply instantly, and if you send me 300 pages, it may take a couple of weeks for me to review the material. :blush:

Best wishes with your project,


P.S. My husband is also interested in helping, and he has about 10 years’ more experience than me in “hobby” beekeeping. :wink:

Greetings Dawn!
Thank you kindly for replying. I shall compile a few of the more “technical” sections of my book & send them your way. I promise that nothing that I send you will be 300 pages & know that nothing needs to be reviewed with immediate urgency as I am still writing the book.

With that being said, would you mind sharing your email address, or would it be better to send via this website? (My only concern being that I might lose some of my formatting if I do post here.)

I love that your husband would also like to help. 10 years experience, oh my! That’s just wonderful; I feel very fortunate that you reached out.

I’m looking forward to hearing both of your thoughts!


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