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Hey from Sweden!


Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself here. :blush:
I’m an Aussie living in Sweden for the past two years. Earlier in the Spring I began my research about bees. Always fascinated by insects, these however are very intriguing, clever and addictive little flying ones. My lack of understanding the local language has been a challenge in terms of being able to attend a course unfortunately. However I ordered a couple of good bee books ( English) and have been researching online as well. I have joined the local bee club, and whilst some are kind to speak in English one to one, I can hardly expect them to change the language for the whole group! So, thank you Flow Hive for this wonderful forum it is perfect for me :blush: - I have emailed and posted once prior to this intro and received great information in return.

In late Spring I ordered my Flow hive set up, however my bees have just arrived home 2 days ago…totally new so wish me luck! I have questions already so I’ll post them soon. And of course I’d love to chat to any other Swedes with Flow hives or any hives for that matter :wink:



Hi @Coco and welcome! :smile: We will all help you as much as we can. I have been to Sweden many times, and used to speak “babysitting” Swedish. We had some Swedish neighbours and their young children insisted on teaching me some Swedish so that I would know when they were hungry or thirsty, and also so that I could read simple children’s books to them.

Your climate and nectar flow are going to be very different from mine, but bee biology and most beekeeping concepts are very similar all over the world. I think you will get a lot of help here, if you want it. :blush:


Very sweet Dawn! Tack så mycket du är så snäll :wink:

And oh yes i want/need help😁

Ps…I just added to the frame modification thread… a little more of my puzzle.
Happy reading if you wish



I am very familiar with that thread. My problem is that I have not been able to find any description anywhere of “LN Nacka” frames, and I have no idea what you mean by “list”. It must be a Swedish beekeeping word.

To answer your question from the other thread, the bees probably will fill in the gap with comb. It may or may not be “crazy”. Depends on their mood at the time. :smile: I would try it, and just inspect every week or two, so that you can correct it if needed. You might find it hard to fill 2 boxes before winter. Depends on your local nectar flow. You may need to consider feeding quite aggressively if your local beekeepers tell you that the nectar season is finished.


Hi Dawn!

Are you in Australia?

Sorry it wasn’t clear, I’m still getting used to using the forum. I’ve never been on one before. Glad you found my add on comments on the other thread about adapting frames. :blush:

I will give it a go and keep checking them as suggested. I’ve been toying with the feeding idea as well to help them get going. I’ve been checking them daily (not opening the hive, just watching them come and go and checking the ants are not getting in. They look happy and busy, I don’t see any pollen on their legs though. Could they just be collecting nectar? The lady I bought them from said her other nuc hive she made at the same time, will get a second box in a week. Maybe they are stronger. Mine is at about 50-60%. I will adapt them to the new frames this week put them in the new hive and then check them in a week or so.
And also check in with the locals about the nectar flow and end of the season and when to feed if needed.

Thanks heaps!
Happy bee keeping :honeybee:


San Diego, California, USA. If you click on the icon by my name, you can see my location :blush:

They could. My bees are bringing in mostly pollen at the moment. They gather whatever is available at the time. Sounds like you have good local contacts and a sensible plan. :wink:


Jag kan prata lite svenska, men jag kan inte skriva väldigt bra. Du är också jätte snäll!




Pretty good by my standards :wink: