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Hi from Sweden, loooking for mentor


Hello everyone
we are three swedish girls that are going to get One Flow Hive each for next year. Are there any experienced beekeepers here that could be our mentor? We live in the south of Sweden, in Skåne. We are also interested in getting in contact with anyone in Sweden/Denmark that is using the Flow Hive.


If you want an internet mentor (in another country) just start asking questions. There are dozens of people here who are willing to help. There are some Swedish members of this forum, but I don’t know how close they are to you.

Welcome to the Flow Forum!



Hi Christel, I’ll write in English so that everybody understands.
My father lives in Västergötland and has turned into a “semi-pro” beekeeper thanks to the flowhive and I as well, mainly through skype and messages since I live abroad but visit frequently.
You need to find a local beekeper who will provide you with a “bisamhälle” and who will guide you in the beginning. That is essential as there are many things to learn-by-doing. Check Biodlarna.se for local beekepers.
Also, order DOUBLE brood box in order for the bees to have enough honey left for the winter, as you don’t want the bees to lay eggs in the flow frames.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info and check in the topic: Flow Hives keepers in Sweden