Hi from Boise Idaho

Looking for a mentor I’m a new flow hive beekeeper in Boise, Idaho.

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Hey Boise ! I’m thinking I’ve seen somebody over there someplace … But have you tied into a local bee group or club yet …? Does one of the local colleges have anything (one of ours has a honeybee research program)… I’ve been able to tap in with that n their head professor as my mentor. But I didn’t start that lucky. Maybe nothing there in colleges but Boise got to have Bees n Bee Group !

Curious … You live out farmy or burbs ? Do you have your hives yet ?! Just wondering where you are in your bee life.

Wishing you plenty of great bee times ahead :+1:


I am a new Beekeeper, have ordered my flow hives, have joined and made contact with my local bee club so far I am the only one with the flow hive. :honeybee:I live in suburbia. Older neighborhood on a third of an acre.
I am excited about entering this new world of bees :honeybee: can’t wait to find a mentor!
Thanks for your friendly welcome.

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I’m pleased to meet your aquaintance ! I think you will be pleased with your new Flow-hive … A year ago I was just beginning to learn n investigate the New Flow system.

I’m not totally new to beekeeping but my Jr n Sr High bee project was many years ago n much has changed in the bee world. I’ve taken a bunch of classes. I’m only one season ahead almost … I started last Spring like you waiting for my Spring delivery of buzzy ladies. I began with three Nuc’s n three normal 10 frame Langstroth hives. I had spent most the 2015/16 winter buliding hive bodies n assembling the required amount of deep n some medium deep frames for my setups. My wife always says, I have to go whole hog/big in stuff. I guess I did.
Back in my youth we only heard n got bee packages. This Nuc method is arms n heads above the package thingie. Don’t panic or worry if you don’t get that mentor by arrive time. Just study your procedures n take it slow n one step at a time. Flow has a set of instruction video made ( they didn’t have last Spring)… I’d review a couple you-tube or Flow’s vid’s. Write out a step by step procedure. Make a few dry-runs

You won’t be using your actual Flow-Honey-Super for awhile. Seeing we live in colder climates than Flow inventor you’ll find we need a second deep 8 frame super in Boise to winter our girls thru. I’d get an extra deep super ordered n assembled … As your colony approaches approx 80% (7 frames) full you will add the second deep box. A second deep can be goiten from a local vendor or Beethinking.com in Portland, Or. They manufactured the original Flow-kit hive boxes.

Hope my comments will help … Any further thots or question please ask here on the forum. I’m sure you’ll get additional notes n helps from other top-notch forum users.

Cheers young lady n happy beekeeping,

Gerald near Seattle

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Don’t let that confuse anything. You take care of bees in a Flow hive exactly the same way that you would in a traditional Langstroth hive. If people in your region use 2 brood boxes, you will need to buy a second brood box too, otherwise your bees may not get through winter. The only difference is in harvesting - it will be much easier for you. Ask any questions you want here, we will do everything we can to help you.


You’re awesome. Thank you so much.
I have been dreaming about bees and my flow hive the only question is do I put my super on as soon as I set up the flow hive?
I am looking forward to joining my first bee club meeting on Tuesday and entering this exciting world of bees. :honeybee:

Absolutely not. The key with a new colony is to make sure that they do not have too much space to defend and clean. I only add new boxes (brood or Flow super) when all frames have fully drawn wax comb, the comb is 80% filled with brood, pollen or nectar, and every frame is well-covered with bees. If all of those are true, there are enough bees to cope with the space of a new box. :wink:

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Thank you Cowgirl Idaho is beautiful​:green_heart: this is a great place to ask questions I have been watching a ton of videos on YouTube especially regarding my bees and what kind of bees to get I’m sold on getting a nuc I think. I heard the Russian bees are the best they have immunity from the Verrosa mite. As far as temperament I’ve heard from both sides. Still haven’t purchased my bees yet :honeybee:

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No European honey bees are fully immune to the varroa mite. Not even Russians. Stay vigilant. :wink:


Thank you Dawn :ok_hand:you seem to be everywhere on this form I notice you are very well-informed and answer a lot of questions thank you for answering mine :grinning: how do I post a picture I would like to post my flow hive?

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Two ways. One is just to drag and drop it into your message - I have never done that. The other way is to look at the icon panel above the space where you type your message. The 7th icon from the left is an “upload” icon, and you can use this to upload a photo to the forum. It doesn’t work for videos or pdf files, so make sure it is a standard photo (jpg or png file).

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