Hi from bunbury western australia

hi i am wayne from bunbury western australia i’ve been a registerd beekeeper since may 2020 got my first colany in october of 2020 i resentaly perchested a flow hive 2+ as of wensday the 6th of december 2023 its nice to meet you all i created Bunbury, Western Australia Flow hives and honey flow for Beekeepers In The Grater Bunbury Region

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Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum. Many new owners of flow hives have issues with the bees not taking to the super when it is time to install that. Common advice revolves around putting wax in the frames, and Jeff H has a few tricks too. I bought a block of bees wax and used a hair drier to soften it and to then rub the wax in. That got the bees interested after a long period of avoiding the super.

i know i study up on flowhive and seen cedar anderson recomend puting burr comb on flowframes for the bees to go up thare to work the frams