New-Bee From Wodonga

Hello from Albury/Wodonga,
I am new to bee keeping and have one of my hives, the second one coming, and my 2 nuc colonies arrive at the end of September.
My Hybrid has been put together and under coated. My Flow 2 + is on its way.
I am sure that I will be on here getting advice and all the help that I can get, therefore, thank you in advance.
Once lockdown is over I will be off to Bunnings to get paint so stay tuned for an update on how that went.
I have registered my hives and have also enrolled in a course, with a second one planned for October. I am also joining the local club.
Anyway, nice to meet you all.


You’re already off to a good start!

Thank you.
I know that I am going to need help.
I keep seeing that so many things can go wrong and must admit that I am worried that I will do the wrong thing.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

That is a very healthy thing, because it means that you care about your bees. :wink: I agree with @chau06, you are off to a very good start. Just keep learning, ask questions and remember that bees survived on their own for millions of years without us looking after them. They are very resilient. If you are willing to keep learning, you will become an excellent beekeeper. :wink:


Welcome to the Flow forum, Jo! Looking forward to helping you with your questions :blush:

Thank you so very much Bianca :honeybee:

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Thank you very much for your encouragement and positive words. I appreciate it heaps!
I am sure that you will see a lot of me asking advice and getting as much help as I can for my bees.
Jo :honeybee: