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Hi from New Zealand

Hey all

Coming to the end of my first season as a beek just out of Timaru in NZ.

Running 2 flow hives. Initially bought the 6-frame FH, but found it so difficult to get 8-frame sized gear in NZ. So I acquired some addition flow frames off people who were giving up on the FH system, and now my hubby is amending lang boxes so I can have 2 x 7-frame FH’s.

having done a bit of research prior to getting my bees I was fully expecting to not get any honey over the season, but I put my flow super on anyway in the hopes that they would start prepping it for next year. 2 weeks later when I did my next inspection, the box was almost too heavy to lift off as the girls had it chocka with nectar. I was completely blown away by the performance of my 2 hives last year.

Now my aim is to successfully get them through winter. The have heaps of stores, with both colonies having a deep full of honey as well as 5 frames in their brood box.

Fingers crossed they make it through winter.