Hive Doctor Smart Base


Has anyone used the hive doctor smart base? i did a little search but couldnt find much on it. i have one on my hive and i put oil in the first tray and left the 2nd out for ventilation. the issue was after 3 hours i checked the tray just because i wanted to be around my new hive and there was about 20 bees in there. i thought they made it small enough for bees not to fit? im considering meshing the tray so if bees get past the first bit that the screen will hold them out and only SHB could fall in? i dont really want to fill up the tray with my bees.


Yep I have found the same thing and strangely it only seems to happen in the front tray. I have not investigated yet to see why. Cheers

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i might keep the front out and put some oil in the back and see how it goes. maybe its from a bit of crowding at the entrance that it only happens on the front tray? ive heard the the SHB trys to get to the back as quick as possible so it might be a better set up. still strange they managed to fit in there. i will do that today and leave it for a few hours and see if they do the same.


We just use garden lime the shb and grubs get dusted with it and die.

I think i figured it out. when putting the trays in and you get to the halfway point there is a gap in the rail and the tray can slip under it. whoch means you get a gap on the far side which is where i think the bees came in from. i replaced both traps with oil and no bees. 1 rouge moth ( not wax moth) and 1 shb caught.

Thanks for sorting that out. Cheers

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