Hive Doctor Smart Board SHB

I set my hive up on the hive doctor smart board as i was concerned about SHB and wanted to minimize them as much as possible. Im yet to do my first inspection since installing the Nuc last wednesday but will do on friday. So far so good with the bottom board. the front tray has caught majority. the back tray not so many so im taking it most are falling straight in as they enter the hive? it will be interesting to see how many have lasted inside the hive during the inspection and didnt fall through. the first day i had it installed i lost about 15 bees in an hour due to putting the tray in and having it jump off the rail towards the back leaving a gap for the bees. I’ve notive that the bees have been going at the flies that land at the entrance and also had a go at a shb i saw land at the entrance also.

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Hey John, As the hive builds up in numbers they will control the SHB to a great extent themselves. But you have to accept that SHB are a part of life as a bee keeper. When I do a split I more often than not add a ‘beetle blaster’ between the frames but when I do inspections and find only one or two SHB running about I toss out the traps and leave it to the bees to manage them.

Hi Peter,

Yes unfortunately it is a part of life now. Im always reading into things we dont have (yet) Hopefully we can keep a lot of the nasties out of australia. I was thinking of getting a couple of beetle blasters for the super once that goes on for the few stragglers that get pushed to the top corners. i was surprised with how quick they were. i had my new box outside drying from the paint and had a frame of foundation inside and a SHB was there within 30mins. shame we couldnt eliminate them when they first got here.


Hi - I am considering the Hive Doctor Smart Board because of the variable entrance controls, otherwise will stick to the Bluebees base which has proved excellent for a range of factors including SHB. However, I have been put off by all the literature suggesting the Hive Doctor Smart Board is for 10-frame boxes only – yet it sounds like you have one under a FlowHive. Do you have the six-frame or 7 frame FlowHive?

Hi Brad,

I have a 4 frame hybrid super on one = 7 frame flow or 10 frame super.

From what i have read but i will re read it. is that yes they are designed for 10 frame boxes but a 8 frame box will fit on them also. it might look a bit funny though as the locating lugs sit on the outside of the box and holds it that way.

hive doctor have been really good replying to my emails also.