Hiverly Baseboard - New SHB solution

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of these guys yet?

I found them the other week during a random Google search for Australian beekeeping suppliers and ordered a 10 Frame base which arrived today. I’ve just finished putting it together and can’t wait to get it under one of my hives to see how it performs against all the other traps and mesh baseboards I have tried. You can also order them fully built but I like to tinker.

It’s a well thought out and solid design (all marine grade ply & stainless fixings) and has a number of innovative features that instantly captured my interest as I have been batting SHB in larger and larger numbers over the years. It also appears to solve a number of issues I’ve had with other mesh bottom boards I own.

They have been testing and refining the design for a year or more and apparently the feedback has been very positive from amateur and commercial beekeepers alike; I am hoping I will be able to add to that positive feedback once I have given it a good test run when the beetles return in force a few months from now.

I am in no way affiliated with Hiverly just trying to raise awareness of any new measures to control and hopefully one day eliminate the dreaded Small Hive Beetle.

Few pics below, not sure I’ll even paint it, apparently they cope quite well unfinished and I can’t be bothered painting anymore equipment :laughing:

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Hi Stevo,

How did the Hiverly work out for you?

I had put it on and ended up with bees in the tray, they were getting through the cutouts the beetles were meant to go down (they are way too big).

I’ve notice Hiverly have now disappeared on Facebook and their website is not available anymore.