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Hive Genie, check this gadget!


Nice idea, but the forum is public, and my husband is expert with Google!! :smile:



Check this one out. All the components of Arnia at a quarter the price and no annual subscription. Their rep was very responsive and professional too. When I get one this is the one I will be getting.


@JeffH I thought I remembered it was you who had a Perfect Pocket Hive Tool (in Australia) do you happen to know where I can get one in Aus preferably, they are reasonably priced on internet, BUT then it costs $50-$70 for shipping! If anyone else has an idea or source would love to hear from you too…


Hi Kirsten, I got mine from a bloke named Simon. I can get you his email if you like. It’s simontan@qantas.com.au .cheers


Thanks Jeff :slight_smile: