Hive monitoring system HiveMind NZ

I have no connection with this firm other than I’m on their mailing list. I am very interested in monitoring the temperature, humidity and weight of my hive but have not found any equipment yet that is both sufficiently easy to use and priced for a beginning hobby beekeeper. This firm in New Zealand is currently running a crowd funding campaign and have an offer of their brood humidity and temperature monitoring gear at a reduced price if they reach their targets. For people interested in statistics and technology and their bees this might be of interest.

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Hi Zoe,
Did you support the campaign? I just did. Thanks for pointing us to it via this forum.
Got a quote from Arnia in the Uk. For 2 hives the full sensor set would be around A$2,000. I will wait with that order for a little while and find out if the hive mind does supply similar for less $$$.
I also love statistics, always did. Naturally I want the history of my colonies in graphs and tables.
Now that I supported the campaign and wrote you this note, I will go back to the hive mind website to see what they offer additionally.

Hi Webclan,
how exciting to get a reply :slight_smile: as I only just joined the forum.
Yes I did support the campaign. I also sent the info to my local bee club, to my favourite bee supplies merchant and to the NSW Amateur Bee Association. I have searched extensively on the net for hive monitoring technology that incorporated brood box humidity, brood box temp and overall hive weight - there are several under development and/or at the testing stage but they relied on the beekeeper having too much electronics and programming background for me, others were very expensive as you say and some required an annual membership. I too love statistics and already have a weather station monitoring rain fall, temp, wind direction and speed and Lux. I love watching the bees when i’m in the garden and would love to be able to check in and see what they are up to while I’m at work. I think over a number of years having a database of graphs and tables across multiple seasons would be invaluable when paired with my observations of the hive, my bee log and all the photos I take. I think it would help me to learn a lot more. Obviously bees and keepers have managed perfectly well without technology and many will continue to do so - it is just on a personal level I think it will enhance my enjoyment and my knowledge.

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Actually Webclan you might be interested in and
which is an open source project comprised of beekeepers who work with technology as technicians, engineers, programmers and database and system administrators. Their goal is to produce software and hardware tools to monitor, manage and research bees and honey production. See for software, hardware recommendations, instructions, plans and user manuals. provides real time access to the network of hives. they are getting close to plug and play with their technology and have hive weight, humidity and temp monitoring using their equipment in the USA, Europe and Australia. It is all very reasonably priced and operational but you need a bit of technical know-how background.

Will check that out later tonight. I’m not so technical, just familiar with all things apple. :green_apple:
Talk later!

Hi Zoe,

Not sure if you have looked at the monitor unit yet. He lives up here in Washington state. I have that unit on my Flow-hive. I got in on the ground floor beta version so far so good … He has some across the U.S. n one or two in England … It’s not too technical or I’d be pulling my hair out. Give Jon Tuite a checkout. Might not work for you but cheaper I believe !! . At least worth a look see !

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Hi Gerald,
thanks so much for that information. it is just want I’m looking for The dash board looks great, lots of metrics. But it is now $400 I wish I’d seen their fund raising campaign, Still this area is a growing interest and more devices are gradually being developed. Thank you so much for pointing it out to me.

Hi Zeebeek,

Thanks for mentioning Hivemind and its crowd funding for its economical Hive Strength Monitor. I’m from Hivemind and I notice that you didn’t provide a link to the funding campaign where people can order theirs. Can you edit your post to add a link?
Thanks so much.

Hopefully the hive mind wifi monitor arrives in August. The satellite option is more for the commercial beekeepers, whereas the wifi one is just right for the backyarders.

OK Berwyn, have done so. Hope it helps. good luck!

I found this one already in sale. This one includes: temperature, humidity and anti-thief protection (GPS and wibration). Anyone used?

$159 with shipping

Hi Kamil,
this looks interesting but on the website there is only information about the GPS tracking system - no info about humidity, and temperature sensors or readouts, graphical representations etc. I am most interested in hive humidity, temperature and of course weight of the hive.

I see temperature :slight_smile:
Just confirmed it also has a humidity.

Where are you based Zeebeek :slight_smile:

Hi Kamil,
I’m based in Australia.


Are you the same Kamil listed as a contact on that site?

In the user manual it also lists a Kamil, but with a different email: