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Help! Newbee thats gets every climate


Hi! I am new to bee keeping, haven’t yet got my bees but are on order to receive mid October (Australia Spring). I live in an area that gets hot in Summer top 20’s, very windy (50-70km winds) in winter and minus temps during the night. I am worried that my hive will get blown over during these conditions. any suggestions on how to keep it all together? should I screw it together? Or try and ratchet strap it to a pallet so it wont blow away… please let me know your suggestions, thank you in advance.


Sit the hive on a solid stand of some kind, Besser bricks are a cheap option. You can purchase emlock clamps from a bee supply or eBay or use a light weight ratchet strap to secure the hive to the base
Take care when you clamp it up,as the edge timbers on the roof can break.
Do not screw the hive together as you will need to inspect inside on a regular basis, you can try a position the hive with some wind protection or use bales of hay to protect from the wind`



Scrounge a pallet from somewhere and use an emlock or a ratchet strap to lock the hive down onto the pallet, They are cheap on EBay, then it won’t blow over.
Don’t screw the hive together, you will need to open the hive up weekly or at worst every fortnight to do your hive inspections and maintain a strong and vibrant hive.


We get all the above conditions too. However, when the hive nestles in it gains weight and the only thing the winds can disrupt is the roof and top cover. Most secure the roof somehow. Secondly would be rain. It rains so hard here that the splash of water is about 12 inches high so my hive is elevated above that level and some. I’ve also chosen to put the entrance down wind as it will keep the hive warmer in the winter and from rain blowing into the hive. I live where tornadoes and heavy winds a high probability. The rain blows sideways when both wind and rain are happening I"ve not placed a wind break using temporary structures like straw or hay as if it blew down and onto the hive that might knock it over. . I hope that helps think it through prior to the arrival of your bees. Observation of your yard is the utmost indication of how weather will affect your hive. :smiley:


Hi Cylie,

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