Hive location _ seeking advices

I have a flow hive sleeping in my garage since the Indiegogo campaign…
I finally push myself to go forward with it.
I have a small garden with kids in a city and I am wondering where I could
put the hive and would need some advices.
I thought of 2 possible locations but wonder what would be best.
All the wall and fence surrounding the garden are 2 meters heights or more.
Here is a map:

Thanks for any advice.


Hi @docunagi

One really important thing is what your local government (or higher) regulations or laws say about keeping bees (if anything). The first step is to check that out as there may be various restrictions.


Hi D,

Good choice to unbox n get it built ! Lots to do n learn ! As Dan mentioned … better check on the local laws reguarding Bee’s n Hive … you sure don’t want to get the cart ahead of the horses. First things first … sometimes no bees, sometimes setback or fence or foliage heights are necessary !

Doubt your going to get it (Bee’s in the box) this season. It’s a bit late in the season for a hive to develop n be ready for winter.

Not an issue … do a little or more reading, see if you find a local bee organization n/or mentor. Next Spring have your bees ordered n then hive them n enjoy your new venture.





I already looked at all the laws and regulations of France (I had almost 3 years to do it :smile: ).
My garden is good to go (walls are high enough, permit is delivered by my town hall, I have the paper to register my bee hive, etc.).
I already have contacts with local beekeepers and plan to set my hive for next spring so no hurry.
My question was to gather some advices from people with experiences with small garden and hives to find the best spot to set my hive, out of the 2 choices I have…

thanks in advance.


So I would suggest asking one of your local bee keepers will see something that is not shown in your sketch that may make one position better or worse, and of course your local climate may come into consideration.
You will need to rethink a location for the swing set so the bees do not regard the children as too close and a threat to the hive.
Welcome to the forum and cheers, hope to hear your posts as you go with your bees.

Hi there @docunagi and welcome! My best guess for a good location on your property would be the left corner, as I look at your diagram. I see that’s the south end of the yard, so perhaps the hive can be brought further in but facing south and/or east - this way, you’ll have good exposure to sunlight to maximize the bees’ activity, and also gain the benefit of your perimeter walls/hedges that will force the bees to a high flight path upon exiting and entering. Facing the hive away from the main area of your yard and the swing set will help segregate family and bee traffic, and give you much more space to work with for inspections.

Thanks for all the infos.

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Hi Mr D.

Good to see you’re ahead of the game n put the last couple years to good use. Been looking at your diagram n photos. I’ve been thinking :thinking: about your layout n available space. With children n swing n family use I strongly advise a screen/fence (6 to 8’ High) … I understand it would subtract from your garden depth n no direct view of your hive(s) but sooner or later you’ll have bad “bee days”… keeping rest of the garden n swing out of direct Bee view is more than a good idea. As you see in pix’s my yard/garden has limited space n bees sooner or later will have bad days.

Having the divider fence/screen will keep you n you family from possible sting yet make it possible to work your bees at same time your family is near but out of direct Bee awareness.

I’m attaching a quick scretch of my ideas. You also (as others suggest) need to face hive South (away from) your house for best sun exposure n direction for the bees to come/go. You’ll also want to work your hive from behind. It’s always best to to not stand in the bees flightway if possible even when working your hive(s).

Ohhh ! Also sooner or later you’ll find I’d wise n best to have a second colony. It gives you much more options. When one hive has problems(and it will happen) you have a second stronger colony to borrow brood from. I’ve even switch/reverse hives so field workers of the strong colony are fooled n buffer up the weaker hive with their numbers) … You’ll learn much more about this as you develop more advance Beekeeping skills.

. image

Enjoy the ride n good luck,



You need to get some real writing paper sometime Gerald… :wink:

As for location, my best producing colonys are full sun all day. The bees are generally over head height a few metres away from the hive. Struggling/dying bees on the ground are the main stinging offenders.
It is a bit tricky moving hives from original sites so finding the right spot first off is good.


…AND some real napkins :grinning:


Greeting Skeg,

I agree with you a 200 % on the direct open sunny spot … I wish I was that lucky at either of my apiaries. No such thing … both of mine are shaded at least part of day so I raise my bees in the best sunlight I have which suck but that’s gorilla Beekeeping in the Pacific NW foothills near Seattle.

Now stinging :honeybee: ‘s … Your darn lucky bro to only have bees that sting on the ground. I’ve had two colonies this year that have devil guards … they come out looking n searching for me. Thus I had to requeen both. Now I’m back to wandering my Apiary at my house stinglessly. And back in about 1958 or 59 I had one nasty hive of Russian bees that ususlly met me at the edge of our orchard (stinger n all) …

Ooooh ! Heck :wink: who needs writing :writing_hand:️ paper… when I was in Nam I wrote home to my Sweetie everyday on stationary, paper plates, napkins, T.P. n you name it. In fact Vera n I for memories n old times sake read thru those coulage of letters wrote on everything more than 50 yrs ago. I might see about a note pad but ususlly doing my best thinking away from notepads n fancy napkins :sunglasses:.

Darn ! It’s 23:30 :clock1130: already n I’m back up at 05:00. Been a nice chat bro … Summer came in May n went in June so hoping for my bees sake July bring back the sun :sunny:️ shine n warmth.

Cheers n good times Beekeeping,



Thanks for your time and clever advices. I’ll follow your suggestions about the fence. Kids with bees was my main concern. I still have to take some hive care lessons from my local bee keeper and I’ll start my installation.


Greeting D,

Glad I could offer some insight n suggestion. I have family nearby on three side n have 8 hives presently … So it’s a real buzz most days n awesome looking on warm n hot days.

Community relations helps too. I’ve passed out small jars of honey :honey_pot: to all my close in neighbors… one neighbor has helped me couple times (I have two extra Bee suits) so friends n family can observe. I also share pollen with those that want to try it (but you n your apiary aren’t there yet)) … I keep a written log of inspections n observations of my hives too. Very helpful on thing I do or don’t want to repeat. I also keep a calendar :calendar: n write in flower :cherry_blossom: blooming date n length of bloom. This can be very helpful info as well.

Have a great week n summer,


You’re classic Gerald. Made my day reading this! Keep up the good work. P


He really is one of a kind. You should see his PMs, even more hilarious. :blush:


Sir Nickel. Thanks for your sharings.
Good to see you coped during the wars and made a life with those memories.
Our family is still coping on many levels and generations. Tough times when memories keep coming at you.

Apart from that and back to topic, I think a 2m high shade to keep the bees’ flight path off the kids’ swing is all that’s needed, unless you have a possibility of Africanized bees, in which case you shouldn’t have them there.
I actually have a hive in my grandkids backyard, facing away from the yard. No prob so far. And the kids have respect. They would detect a change in Bee mood and call on grandma.
They also have a kids epi pen in the house, just in case.

Just keep the flight path away from the play yard. And teach the kids. My grandkids know about as much as I know about bees. Like in their pre school and school, they are utter experts.
You will find your kids will soon educate your neighbours. A jar of honey in the mix will ensure good neighborly support.